Web3 is ushering in a new Internet. Web3 also creates brand new and highly

lucrative attack surfaces for criminals. CUBE was created to protect web3 from cyber criminals.

Our mission at CUBE is to secure Web3 so that the rebels, the crazy ones, the women and men in the arena, can focus on building a better Internet without worrying about cyber criminals. If you are motivated by daily challenges, if you want to make a dent in the universe, and if you want to join the future Crowdstrike or Cloudflare at the very beginning of our journey, we want to team up with you.






Your Experience

  • At least 3 years or more of experience in security research

  • Highly motivated and passionate about the domain of security research (whitehat or otherwise)

  • Highly motivated and passionate about all things crypto and web3

  • Experience with blockchain, cross-chain, and smart contract vulnerabilities is a big plus

  • Experience with cryptography is a plus

  • Vast experience with web based attacks (e.g. injection techniques, authentication bypasses, path traversals, XSS, SSRF)

  • Familiarity with widely used web related protocols (e.g. HTTP, WebSockets, TLS)

  • Familiarity with browser internals (DOM and APIs)

  • Experience with writing, validating and testing defense signatures using regular expressions

  • Familiarity with HTTP automation libraries and Headless browsers

  • Experience with web application firewalls such (e.g. ModSecurity) - is a plus

  • Proficient in Javascript, experience with web development frameworks - is a plus

  • Familiarity with HTTP automation libraries and Headless browsers

  • Familiarity with fuzzing - is a plus

  • Bonus: Experience with the cloud native ecosystem, including experience with Docker, Kubernetes and/or cloud services - is a plus

  • Has strong attention to detail

  • Bonus: Familiarity with API Security - is a plus

  • Has strong attention to detail 

The Job

  • Founding team member

  • Become the expert at web3 vulnerabilities

  • Work closely with the Security Research and engineering teams on crafting our products

  • Perform in an all-in and whatever-it-takes environment

  • Create the role that is best suited for you, create the future.